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We field a team of cinema professionals to every property we represent. This is the only way to ensure that we don't just 'record' a place, we really capture it's essence

Characters of Ashford Castle

When a property has been in place for almost 800 years, it is bound to develop a unique character all of it’s own, when you then consider the fact that the average service length of staff at the Castle is a staggering 12 years – it is easy to understand the genesis of this idea.

Ashford really is a one-of-a-kind destination, and when we were invited back this year to produce yet another film we were delighted. Over a period of two months we worked very closely with the General Manager and Head of Sales to develop this idea. It took a lot of faith in their staff to commission such a lengthy piece based purely on what they called the ‘Characters’ of the Castle – but it was well placed faith indeed.

The result is a series of genuine, heartfelt interviews that really give the viewer a window into this very special place. Although a fairly new addition to the portfolio, this is rapidly becoming one of the most popular films we have produced.


Red Sea Dive Safari, Egypt

The Red Sea Dive Safari, with its three resorts in the far South of Egypt is far and away the best eco-diving adventure available in the Middle-East. It presented a number of unique challenges for the video production, not least of all because most of what is on offer lies thirty meters below the surface!

Most of our clients have their focus firmly on-property – offering a shelter from the chaotic world outside. The resorts here act more like an oasis, a staging point for your adventures into the desert where your can interact with the old Bedouin tribes or your voyages on the seas as you explore the beauty of Egypt’s pristine coral reefs.


The Blue Palace Resort and Spa, Elounda

The Palace is the most prestigious resort in arguably the most exclusive destination in the Aegean Sea, the Gulf of Elounda. Protected to the West by a mountain range, it enjoys unspoiled views of the nearby island of Spinalonga, where the sun rises every morning over the azure waters.

A resort this beautiful is difficult to shoot badly, the creative challenge is all about capturing the spirit of the place in such a short space of time. It is a place where luxury comes easily and is never forced, and a place that truly encourages romance.


Ashford Castle, Ireland

It is an honour and a privilege to represent a property of such rich history and reputation. Recently awarded Condé Nast’s ‘Best Resort in Europe’, Ashford Castle is one of a kind.

Nestled between mountains and a great loch in the wild west coast of Ireland, Ashford has stood since 1228, and was the historic home of the famous Guiness family.

This production of this piece was all about capturing the magic of Ireland in a genuine and mature way, showing the property for the relief it offers to the chaos of modern life. This film follows a perfect day on the Castle Estate, a snapshot of a fairytale vacation in a location where you can almost forget the modern world and get lost in the magic of Ireland!


The Lodge at Ashford Castle

Situated on the vast estate of Ashford Castle is ‘The Lodge at Ashford’, a distinctly more modern property for a younger, more casual audience.

This more basic and traditional style of film is quicker and less expensive to produce than our full production model seen elsewhere. It offers an alternative for Properties just getting started with video who are not quite ready for a full scale shoot replete with models, actors and a large crew.

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