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We field a team of cinema professionals to every property we represent. This is the only way to ensure that we don't just 'record' a place, we really capture it's essence

Ashford Castle, Ireland

It is an honour and a privilege to represent a property of such rich history and reputation. Recently awarded Condé Nast’s ‘Best Resort in Europe’, Ashford Castle is one of a kind.

Nestled between mountains and a great loch in the wild west coast of Ireland, Ashford has stood since 1228, and was the historic home of the famous Guiness family.

This production of this piece was all about capturing the magic of Ireland in a genuine and mature way, showing the property for the relief it offers to the chaos of modern life. This film follows a perfect day on the Castle Estate, a snapshot of a fairytale vacation in a location where you can almost forget the modern world and get lost in the magic of Ireland!

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